BK Precision BA6010 Calibration Instruments
  • BK Precision BA6010 Calibration Instruments
  • BK Precision BA6010 Calibration Instruments
  • BK Precision BA6010 Calibration Instruments

BK Precision BA6010


Battery Analyzer, 60V



The BK Precision BA6010 is a Battery Analyzer 60V, that measures voltage and resistance of modern battery technologies with high accuracy, resolution, and speed. Additionally, the BA6010 features a 6V measurement range ideal for battery cell testing, and provides auxiliary measurement parameters inductance, capacitance, dissipation factor, impedance, quality factor, reactance, and phase angle in degrees and radians.

The BA6010 is also equipped with an intuitive front panel featuring navigation keys, numerical and function keypads, a USB host port, a 4-terminal input connection and a large 4.3 inch color LCD that displays primary and auxiliary measurement parameters.

  • Input Voltage Accuracy: 6V / 60V
  • 4.3 inch color LCD display
  • Trace function for graphical display of voltage and resistance with on-screen cursor measurements
  • 4-wire kelvin test leads with monitoring of Hi / Low / High and Low drive open faults
  • Compare and sort using 9 bins with statistical evaluations
  • Δ% mode for quickly determining the percent difference between batteries
  • Pass/Fail indicator with audible tone
  • Fast test speed up to 50 measurements per second to increase manufacturing throughput
  • Trigger modes internal, manual, bus and external
  • 100 internal and external storage locations for setup and screen save
  • Handler interface for easy integration with a component handler or integration with PLC
  • Standard RS232, USB (USBTMC and virtual COM) interfaces
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