Extech BT100 Calibration Instruments
  • Extech BT100 Calibration Instruments

Extech BT100


Battery Capacity Tester Checks Battery Condition



The Extech BT100 is a Battery Capacity Tester. Product can be used to test the condition of batteries quickly and easily. As an AC milliohm-meter, the tester measures DC voltage and AC resistance while the battery is in use, helping to save time on repetitive testing trials or large quantities of batteries.

  • Checks Battery Condition in Seconds while battery is in service
  • On-line Testing without Shutting D own Battery
  • Built-in Datalogger Stores up to 999 Tests
  • Simultaneously Measures Battery Resistance and Voltage
  • Windows 95/98/NT/2000/ME/XP Compatible Software for Downloading Readings to a PC
Product Details
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