Fluke BT520 Calibration Instruments
  • Fluke BT520 Calibration Instruments
  • Fluke BT520 Calibration Instruments

Fluke BT520


Battery Analyzer with Short Probe and Extender Set



The Fluke BT520 Battery Analyzer with Short Probe and Extender Set is the ideal test tool for maintenance, troubleshooting and performance testing of individual stationary batteries and battery banks used in critical battery back-up applications. The intuitive user interface, compact design and rugged construction ensure optimum performance, test results and reliability. Fluke BT520 covers a broad range of battery test functions, from DC voltage and resistance tests to full condition testing using an automated string function testing, and the test probe integrated infra-red temperature measurement system. This analyzer is designed for measurements on stationary batteries of all types.

Fluke Battery Management Software

Fluke Battery Management Software allows you to quickly and easily import data from the battery analyzer to a PC. The measurement data and battery profile information is stored and archived with the Management Software and can be used compare results, switch results between conductance and resistance (requires Software Management software version 1.0.69 or later) readings and perform trend analysis. All measurement data, battery profile and analysis information can be used to easily generate reports.

  • Key measurements are battery resistance, DC and AC voltage, DC and AC current, ripple voltage, frequency and battery temperature
  • Sequence measurement mode for automatic or manual sequence testing of battery strings with automatic measurement storage, including voltage and resistance
  • Comprehensive logging means all measured values are automatically captured during testing and can be reviewed on instruments before download
  • Optimized user interface and quick, guided setup helps capture correct data every time
  • Combined visual and audio feedback cues reduce risk of measurement confusion
  • Configure multiple reference values and thresholds for resistance and voltage; compare feedback results after each measurement
  • Ergonomic test leads have rugged, coaxial, two-pole kelvin test pins and remote SAVE button
  • Intercell strap resistance test and data management measures resistance of intercell connection between batteries in string
  • Once measurements are complete, Fluke Battery Management Software V 1.0.69 can report strap resistance for battery string, or historical data over time
  • Test probe extenders create long-reach probes for double stacked cells
  • Intelligent test probe set with integrated LCD display and verbal audio feedback
  • Captures voltage readings and temperature logging automatically or via integrated save button
  • Enhanced data analysis quickly compares trends, analyzes results and creates reports, including battery management software
  • Generate PDF reports on PC software with analysis graphics and data tables
  • Quick email format reports with csv file on mobile app
  • Wireless communication for data download and remote display while measuring
  • Browse and email measurement data via iOS app
  • 7.4 V 3000 mAh lithium-ion battery for more than eight hours of continuous operation
  • USB port for fast data download to supplied data analysis and report management application software
  • Safety ratings: CAT III 600V, 1000V DC max.
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