Hioki BT3562 Calibration Instruments
  • Hioki BT3562 Calibration Instruments

Hioki BT3562


Battery HiTester, 60V DC with GP-IB and Analog Output



The Hioki BT3562-01 benchtop battery tester supports simultaneous high-speed measurement of internal resistance and battery voltage for the ever-expanding production lines of increasingly larger lithium-ion low resistance batteries, and other battery packs for high voltage applications. The BT356201 can measure the voltage and resistance of coin-size to large-cell batteries up to 60V almost simultaneously due to their quick response time.

High Precision - High Resolution - Quick Response

High Precision
  • Resistance: +/- 0.5% rdg. +/- 5 dgt.
  • Voltage: +/- 0.01% rdg. +/- 3 dgt.
High Resolution
  • Resistance: 0.01 uΩ (300 mΩ range)
  • Voltage: 10 uV (6 V range)
Quick Response
  • Resistance and Voltage: Simulaneous measurement within 18ms

Simultaneous Resistance & Voltage Judgments

Resistance and voltage can be simultaneously judged Hi/IN/Lo by independent comparators. Judgment results are provided on the display, beeper, and external I/O. The display allows confirming both results at a glance.

Composite Judgment Result Output

External I/O provides both separate and combined outputs of resistance and voltage judgment results, so composite results can be monitored.

Analog Output

The BT3562-01 provides analog output of resistance measurement values. This is convenient for combining recorded data from multiple locations or of various data types, such as for logging long-term measurements and for fuel cell evaluation.

  • GPIB and Analog Output
  • Measure high-voltage battery packs up to 60V
  • Production line testing of high-voltage battery packs and battery modules
  • Large (low-resistance) cell testing
  • Choice of PC interfaces for full remote operation
  • Note: The comparison threshold values depend on the battery manufacturer, type, and capacity, and these must be established by the user.
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