Hioki SS7081-50 Calibration Instruments
  • Hioki SS7081-50 Calibration Instruments

Hioki SS7081-50


12-Channel Battery Cell Voltage Generator



The Hioki SS7081-50 is a 12-channel battery cell voltage generator that delivers power supply, electronic load, and Digital Multimeter functionality in a single package. The system's simple architecture makes building an environment for validating BMS functionality safer, more affordable and more productive than ever before.

  • Build a highly accurate Battery Management System validation environment easily and safely
  • Use as voltage generator or simulated battery in place of actual batteries and power supplies to establish an efficient testing environment
  • Simulate cell behavior in individual channels, with 12 channels per SS7081-50 unit
  • Build a large-scale module environment with a series voltage of 1000 V (5 V/channel × 200 channels = 1000 V)
  • Simulate cell anomalies that would pose the risk of fire if using actual batteries
  • Simulate open-wire malfunctions between channels and the BMS
  • Simulate cell shorts
  • Simulate cell behavior using high-accuracy voltage output
  • Take advantage of cell balancing from -1 A to 1 A with two-quadrant output voltages
  • High-accuracy, high-precision voltage and current measurement
  • Measure minuscule currents using the 100 μA range (for BMS dark current and cell balancing circuit leakage current) Control up to ten SS7081-50 units
  • Automate testing by creating sequences of the simulated states you wish to reproduce
  • Control PC, control software, BMS wiring, etc., not included
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