General Tools DCS16HP2ART Calibration Instruments
  • General Tools DCS16HP2ART Calibration Instruments

General Tools DCS16HP2ART


High-Performance Recording Video Borescope, 2m VGA Articulating Probe



The General Tools DCS16HP2ART High-Performance Recording Video Borescope System with 2m Articulating VGA Resolution Probe is a complete system that combines an H16 Handheld Recording Video Borescope Console with a P16HP2ART VGA Resolution Articulating Probe, which is 2m (78 3/4 in.) long and has a diameter of 6mm (0.23 in.).

The H16 is a handheld computerized console with a 3 1/2 inch diagonal color LCD. A thumbwheel on the left side of the H16 allows for adjusting the brightness of the LEDs illuminating the camera at the end of an attached probe. A horizontal line of green bars indicating the brightness level temporarily appears on-screen whenever the unit is powered on or the brightness is changed.

The console has three operating modes. Preview, Playback and Menu:

Preview Mode

Video framed by the camera's field of view is displayed in real time on the console's LCD. The H16 automatically enters this mode when powered on. A front-panel button allows for doubling the size of a target (a zoom level of 2X). The same button allows for "mirroring" video, making it possible to read serial numbers seen and "reversed" by an attached probe with a mirrored viewing tip. The zoom and mirroring functions can be applied at the same time. In Preview mode, real-time video also can be exported through an included video cable to any NTSC- or PAL-format TV monitor with an RCA input jack. Operating in Preview mode, the H16 also allows for recording inspection videos (at 320 x 240 pixel resolution) and photos (at 640 x 480 pixel resolution) on an included SD memory card by pressing icon-labeled buttons on the console's front panel. The remaining front-panel buttons enable access to Playback and Menu modes.

Playback Mode

Browse the SD card for saved video and picture files and view the media on the console's LCD or a larger TV monitor. Video clips and photos also can be viewed on a PC in either of two ways: 1) by removing the SD card and plugging it into the computer directly or through a card reader; or 2) by using a supplied cable to connect the H16 to the PC through one of its USB ports.

Menu Mode

Use familiar scrolling motions and responses to dialog boxes to navigate a main menu with six submenus. When selected, submenu items execute "housekeeping" functions such as deleting files, setting the date and time, enabling or disabling date and time stamps, choosing any of 27 languages for display indications and menu options, selecting a Video out format and disabling or adjusting the console's Auto Power Off trigger.

  • 3 1/2 in. diagonal color LCD displays real-time probe video and saved video clips and pictures
  • 2m (78 3/4 in.) long soft-metal probe is IP67 waterproof
  • Probe's viewing axis can be changed up to 155 degrees in two directions
  • Records VGA resolution (640 x 480 pixel) video clips and images
  • Camera lighting provided by five adjustable-brightness white LEDs
  • Menu-driven user interface allows for viewing and saving media files to standard SD memory card and playing back media on console, TV or PC
  • Probe features light boost, anti-reflection, and 90-degree image rotation control buttons
  • Rechargeable battery has 4-hour capacity
  • 27 available menu languages
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