Wohler VIS 400 VIPER KIT Calibration Instruments
  • Wohler VIS 400 VIPER KIT Calibration Instruments

Wohler VIS 400 VIPER KIT


VIS 400 Visual Inspection System, Viper Kit



The Wohler VIS 400 VIPER KIT (4152) Visual Inspection System, Viper Kit offers a keypad to easily control the camera with one hand while guiding the camera cable. The keypad offers features for controlling the pan and tilt camera head, adjusting brightness of the LED illumination, and controlling the image and voice capture functions. The VIS 400 will make a video recording of the inspected line run. When damage is discovered, begin the voice recording function to annotate the recording. As well as recording video, the 4152 can also take and save still photos at the press of a button. A 4GB SD card is included for storage of images and recordings, and a USB drive is built in to facilitate data sharing. For improved accuracy, the distance and the position of the head are displayed on the monitor. The top and bottom of the pipe are displayed on the monitor at all times, even if the camera is being guided up or down or if it is moving left or right. The Vis 400 system is modular, allowing the user to put the camera system together to suit their unique requirements and wishes. The Viper Kit includes a push rod along with roller guide.

Product Features:

  • Pan and Tilt Camera Head
  • Pan and tilt functions controlled via arrow keys
  • 4 GB SD card for recorded data
  • USB port for data transfer
  • Photo, video, and voice recording
  • Adjustable camera head brightness
  • Modular System Design
  • Includes Viper Kit with Push Rod


  • Analyze damage and visually inspect:
  • Flue gas systems, chimneys
  • Building drains, house connections
  • Ventilation systems
Product Details
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