Wohler VIS 700 KIT Calibration Instruments
  • Wohler VIS 700 KIT Calibration Instruments
  • Wohler VIS 700 KIT Calibration Instruments

Wohler VIS 700 KIT


HD Video Inspection System with HD Touchscreen Monitor, Pan & Tilt Camera Head, 100 ft Camera Rod



The Wohler VIS 700 HD (7082) Video Inspection System offers sharp high definition images and a focus function for precise inspection. This model is the ideal inspection camera for waste water pipes, flue gas and ventilation lines as well as NDT and plumbing applications.

A digital high-resolution sensor assures amazingly sharp images. With the Wohler VIS 700, professionals are able to plan their maintenance services on the basis of clearly visible facts. The displayed level indication enables better orientation in the pipe. The camera display shows the camera head position and angle for ease of navigation. The home function realigns the camera head straight forward when needed. HD images are displayed on the brilliant, touch screen, high-resolution monitor. The Wohler VIS 700 is designed to transmit live video data to smart devices via Wireless LAN. While conducting an inspection, the option to stream live images and videos on a smartphone or tablet is available. All footage can also be saved to an SD card for review at a later time.

The focus function via touch screen or joystick makes it possible to precisely control the depth of focus. A simple tip on the joystick ensures a precise, crystal clear image on the screen. Additional settings and extras, such as the touch screen keyboard, are accessible by tapping the touchscreen monitor.

The transmitter integrated in the camera head of the VIS 700 makes it possible to precisely locate the camera head. For example, users can pinpoint damage and repairs to pipelines, while a telescopic holder makes it easy to locate damage under floors or in ceilings. A chalk holder with lithographic chalk can be used to mark located damage immediately. Wireless locating with the VIS 700 requires the L 200 Locator, which is sold separately.

Product Features:

  • Brightly illuminating color camera head (1.5 in. diameter, 2.5 in. length)
  • Optics pan 360° and tilt 180°
  • 7 in. HD color touchscreen can be operated by touch or joystick
  • Focus function via touch screen or joystick allows for precisely controlled depth of focus
  • Built-in radio transmitter facilitates wireless location detection (requires L 200 Locator, sold separately)
  • Position and level displayed on monitor to ensure proper orientation during inspections
  • On screen keyboard for adding comments and descriptions to photos
  • Transmission of live images and video via Wireless LAN
  • 100 ft (30 m) camera rod is both flexible and durable
  • Camera head waterproof to IP 67 (up to 3 ft. depth for 30 mins.)
  • Battery operating time of 4 hours with a rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Record and store photo/videos on 32GB SD card for documentation and archiving purposes


Analyze damage and inspect:

    • House connection pipes up to 8 in.
    • NDT applications
    • Flue gas systems of 2.5 in. and larger
    • Ventilation system ductwork
    • False ceilings, hollow spaces, shafts
    • Industrial machines / plant
    • Waste water lines of 2.5" and larger
Product Details
  • 1 - HD TFT 7" Display
  • 1 - 5 ft. Cable
  • 1 - Li-ion Battery
  • 1 - Pan and Tilt Color Camera Head, 1.5" diameter (detachable)
  • 1 - 32 GB SD Memory Card
  • 1 - 0.33 x 0.22 inch Camera Rod, 100 ft. long (removable for cleaning)
  • 3 - Replacement Plastic Domes
  • 1 - Anti-Slide Mat
  • 1 - USB Charger with USB-C Cable
  • 1 - Plastic Case
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