Additel ADT286 Calibration Instruments
  • Additel ADT286 Calibration Instruments

Additel ADT286


Multifunction Reference Thermometer Readout (Base Unit Only)



The Additel ADT286220V Multifunction Reference Thermometer Readout (Base Unit Only), 220V combines the capabilities of a high-end reference thermometer with a highly capable data acquisition system and 8.5 digit multimeter. The ADT286-220V is capable of scanning and recording up to 82 channels at 10 channels per second. Users can easily configure the ADT286-220V to perform field calibrations and uniformity studies as well as use the unit in the lab as a precision thermometer and 8.5 digit multimeter.

ADT 286 Multifunction Reference Thermometer Readout Scanner Modules

If you are in need of a precision reference thermometer for your laboratory, then look no further than the ADT286-220V. The base unit comes with two precision readout channels that can be used to measure your SPRT. Need to calibrate RTDs, PRTs, thermistors or thermocouples? Add a scanner module and you now have the ability to measure 10 RTDs, PRTs, or thermistors and 20 thermocouples. Expand up to 82 channels with our unique easy to use scanner modules. Each 20 channel module is outfitted with our proprietary universal terminals with an industries best cold junction capability second to none. Utilize the module docked atop the ADT286-220V, or connect remotely with cables to suit nearly any unique setup/configuration. Additel also has a process module specifically designed to measure process instrumentation like transmitters and switches. This scanner will also supply loop power for the transmitters.

Designed to make your job easier, the ADT286-220V has a large sensor library supporting 15 TC types, both standard and special limits, 18 different thermal resistors, CVD, ITS-90, and a large variety of standard curves for RTDs and thermistors. The ADT286-220V is loaded with special applications such as probe calibration, SPRT calibration, chamber mapping and more.

Automatic Temperature Control and Probe Calibration

The Additel ADT286-220V Multifunction Reference Thermometer Readout has preinstalled drivers to control Additel and other manufacturer's heat sources. Simply connect to one or more heat sources via a communication cable, Ethernet or wireless and now it will automatically control to the set point and desired stability. If your heat source is not on the list, you can easily add the driver yourself so you can run automated calibrations with any heat source.

Now combine the heat source control feature with our probe calibration application and you have a very powerful automatic calibration solution. The probe calibration app allows you to automatically setup and run calibration routines with multiple set points and multiple heat sources, collect data, and develop calibration coefficients - all with one device, without the need of software. Simply place a batch of sensors of any mix and type into your heat source, connect it to the ADT286-220V, run the probe calibration app and come back to a completed test. All that is left to do is generate and export all the calibration data. There is no need to work with complicated software for communication, set up or coefficient generation. There is no reason to have a calibration technician manually monitor the process and record the data. This Multifunction Reference Thermometer Readout will do all the work for you.

Product Features:

  • Multifunction Reference Thermometer Readout base unit only
  • Measure and calibrate SPRTs, RTDs, thermistors and thermocouples
  • 1 PPM resistance ratio accuracy (channel 1)
  • 8 1/2-digit DC multimeter
  • Measure up to 82 channels
  • Sample rates up to 10 channels per second
  • Bluetooth, WIFI, USB, and Ethernet (RJ-45) capable
  • Auto temperature control of heat sources
  • Built-in automatic temperature control, data collection, and coefficient generation
  • Support for creating custom control of heat sources with RS-232
  • Auto - zero power feature (self heating compensation)
  • 10.1 in. touch screen display
  • Supports fully automated temperature calibrations with data collection and report generation (no software required)
  • Voltage: 220V Setting 198V to 242V
Product Details
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