Ametek ASM801BCF Calibration Instruments
  • Ametek ASM801BCF Calibration Instruments

Ametek ASM801BCF


Advanced Signal Multi-Scanner, Model B with 8 Universal Plugs/Circuit, Case, NPL



The Ametek ASM801BCF Advanced Signal Multi-Scanner, Model B with 8 Universal Plugs/Circuit, Case, NPL offers a unique time-saving and automatic solution to calibrate multiple temperature sensors simultaneously. The ASM800 series is designed for use where ever temperature measurement is critical and/or there is a need for traceable calibration documentation. The ASM801BCF is an 8-channel scanner controlled by JOFRACAL software through a PC. Up to 3 ASM units can be stacked to calibrate up to 24 sensors at the same time. It can handle signals from 2-, 3- and 4 wire RTD's, TC's, transmitters, thermistors, temperature switches and voltage. The solution includes the easy-to-use software JOFRACAL to set up, execute, print and save the valuable traceable calibration data - just connect the ASM to a PC through a RS232 cable.

The B-model multi-scanner has built-in measurement capabilities. The most important advantage of the B model is the fact that it is possible to obtain huge reductions in time of the calibration procedure. The B model is able to perform several measurements each second, whereas the A model as an example will spend approx. 15 seconds on each measurement, when connected to an RTC B model.

This model features state-of-the-art DC measuring techniques. To achieve high accuracy, the measuring principle used by the ASM801BCF is True Ohm Measurement thus eliminating the EMF from cables, sockets, and sensors. True Ohm Measurement is a proven method to achieve accurate compensation for errors induced by thermal effects. The resistance is measured through the 4-wire system at 0.8 mA, after which the instrument takes a reading without any applied current. The second reading is the "error EMF".

Product Features:

  • Automatic calibration system
  • Integrated scanner and high accuracy multi signal measuring circuits
  • Measure voltage up to 10V, resistance up to 4KΩ and current up to 24mA
  • Calibrate all sensors under exactly the same conditions
  • Automatic procedures reduce human error
  • Connect up to 3 ASM models to calibrate up to 24 sensors
  • Data-logging for up to 24 sensors with user-defined interval
  • Universal input to handle: 2-, 3-, 4-wire RTD's, TC's, transmitters, thermistors, thermo switches and voltage
  • Can be combined with any Ametek Temperature Calibrator
  • Inputs for Thermocouple Calibration
  • JofraCal software for documentation/storage of data Built in measuring circuit
  • With JofraCal or JofraLog:
    • Set-up, execute, print, and save traceable calibration data
    • Calibrate up to 24 sensors using a dry-block calibrator as the reference
    • Calibrate using a high accuracy temperature reference probe directly with the ASM
    • Data-log up to 24 sensors simultaneously
Product Details
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