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  • Ametek ETC400R Calibration Instruments

Ametek ETC400R


Easy Temperature Series Infrared Temperature Calibrator, 28 to 400°C (28 to 752°F)



The Ametek ETC400R Easy Temperature Series Infrared Temperature Calibrator, 28 to 400°C (28 to 752°F) is the ideal dry block temperature calibrator when time is the critical factor and the highest accuracy is not a requirement. The block heats up to 100°C per minute and stabilizes in just 3 minutes. The small size and light weight fit perfectly in a tool box, making it the perfect field calibrator to verify sensors in difficult to reach places. The ETC400R features rugged construction, including stainless steel and rubber side panels, to make the instrument suitable for many years of service in an industrial environment. This model is designed for field testing of temperature measurement devices. The small size and light weight make it a perfect instrument to verify sensors in difficult to reach places. Reduced size and weight are important considerations because the unit is able to fit into a tool box or instrument carrying case.

ETC-400 R for infrared thermometers

The ETC-400 R is designed for optimum speed in connection with calibration of infrared thermometers. The 36 mm target provides the optimum size for reliable calibration of infrared thermometers in the process industry as it is designed for high accuracy and long-term stability while maintaining speed.

Stability indicator

The bold checkmark on the display indicates that the calibrator has reached the desired set temperature and is stable. The operator may change the stability criteria and establish a greater level of confidence in the calibration results as desired. A convenient countdown timer is activated three minutes before the unit reaches stability.


The ETC-400-R features a time-saving auto-stepping function. The operator may stay in the control room, or another remote location, monitoring the output from the sensor-under-test while the ETC- series calibrator is placed in the process and automatically changes the temperature using a programmed step value and rate. Up to 9 different temperature steps may be programmed, including the hold time for each step. This feature is also ideal for burning-in new sensors prior to installation; this minimizes initial drift and allows for initial testing. It is also useful for testing temperature data loggers.

Maximum temperature

From the setup menu, the user can select a lower maximum temperature limit for the calibrator. This function prevents damage to the sensor-under-test caused by the application of excessive temperatures.

Re-calibration/adjustments made easy

The ETC-400R has a very easy and straightforward procedure for re-calibration/adjustment. There is no need for a screwdriver or PC software. The only thing needed is a reliable reference thermometer. Place the probe in the calibrator and follow the instructions on the display.

JOFRA IR-LAB software for the ETC-400 R

The IR-Lab is an included small mathematical program, which will constitute a powerful tool together with the calibrator. The program enables the user to calculate which temperatures is needed to calibrate, if the IR thermometer is either locked to a fixed emission factor or if a certain emission factor is desired. The program facilitates the whole issue of correcting settings of emission factors and temperatures.

Product Features:

  • Temperature ranges: ETC-400 R 28 to 400°C/82 to 752°F
  • Selectable resolution, 1° or 0.1°
  • Heats up as quickly as 100°C/212°F per minute
  • Stabilizes in 3 minutes
  • Stability: ±0.3°C/±0.54°F
  • Completes a 2-point test in less than 10 minutes
  • Small size makes it perfect to store in a tool box and to check temperature sensors that are difficult to access
  • Display shows actual and set temperatures, a stability indicator, and a stability countdown timer
  • Stores the complete instrument setup, including: engineering units, stability criteria, resolution, auto-step settings, and maximum temperature
  • Auto-stepping feature automatically changes the temperature using a programmed step value and rate
  • Fast one-key-one-function access to set the temperature and the auto-stepping function
  • RS232 communication interface and JofraCal calibration software included
  • Includes JOFRA IR-LAB software enabling the user to calibrate IR thermometers with a fixed emission factor setting
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 6.8 × 2.8 × 7.2 in.
  • Weight: 3.7 lbs
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