Fluke 700HPP Calibration Instruments
  • Fluke 700HPP Calibration Instruments

Fluke 700HPP


High-Pressure Pneumatic Test Pump with BSP Fittings



The Fluke 700HPP-BSP High-Pressure Pneumatic Test Pump with BSP Fittings, 21 MPa, 3000 psi generates and adjusts pneumatic pressures up to 21 MPa (3000 psi), without requiring a nitrogen bottle or other external pressure supply. It supplies pressure to devices under test (DUTs) that include transmitters, controllers, pilots, digital and analog gauges, etc. It is the perfect solution for generating high pressure in the field, where conditions and operating surfaces can vary.

The 700HPP-BSP is the ideal choice for calibration technicians, test engineers, and instrument technicians working in industries like natural gas transmission and distribution, process, aerospace and defense, who need a simple-to-use, safe and portable pressure source that they can depend on in a wide variety of conditions.

The 700HPP-BSP does not include a manifold and is for people who only prefer a high pressure source.

Generate High-Pressure Accurately and Safely for a Wide Workload

The 700HPP-BSP generates pressure up to 21 MPa (3000 psi) within 20 seconds to full scale into a 10 cm3 volume. A detachable pressure adjustment system and adjustment control knob enables users to make fine pressure adjustments to 0.1% of reading or better.

The 700HPP-BSP includes a 2 meter (6.5 foot) pressure line and assorted pressure fittings, enabling you to connect a wide variety of DUTs for wide workload coverage. In fact, the 700HPP-BSP covers at least five times more workload than standard range pneumatic pumps.

An in-line filter system protects the system against contamination from the unit under test.

Use the 700HPP-BSP Just About Anywhere

The 700HPP-BSP is designed to be at home in the lab or the field. Lightweight and portable, it features collapsible feet, built-in handhold, and a canvas carrying case, making it easy to carry to the field.

The 700HPP-BSP works on just about any surface, so you do not need a flat laboratory bench or flat area in the field to use it.

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