Fluke 710 Calibration Instruments
  • Fluke 710 Calibration Instruments
  • Fluke 710 Calibration Instruments

Fluke 710


Valve Testing Loop Calibrator with HART Communications/Diagnostics



Smart Control Valve Testing is Easier Than Ever

The Fluke 710 Valve Testing Loop Calibrator with HART Communications/Diagnostics is designed to enable users to perform quick, easy tests on HART smart control valves. Featuring built-in test procedures and an intuitive user interface, the 710 allows users to quickly and easily perform valve tests, while the valve test quick-check results provide at-a-glance diagnositcs help you make maintenance decisions faster than ever. The valve health quick-check results let you know whether your valve is in good, marginal or in bad operating condition so you can quickly decide whether additional maintenance is necessary.

Valve Testing and HART Communication in a Precision Loop Calibrator

With the Fluke 710 Valve Testing Loop Calibrator's built in HART communication function, users can source a 4-20 mA signal to cause the smart control valve to move, while simultaneously interpreting the valve's HART feedback signal to determine whether the valve is moving to the expected position. In addition to positional information, the measured pressure delivered from the valve's internal I/P (which moves the valve) can be determined through the HART communication protocol.

The 710 has built-in test procedures that automatically increase and change the mA signal while monitoring the HART position and pressure feedback from the control valve, giving you a better overall picture of valve health at the simple push of a button.

Pre-Configured Valve Tests, At-A-Glance Answers

Valve test routines built into the Fluke 710 include:

  • Manual testing; manually change the mA signal and view the HART position and pressure variable information
  • Full range ramping of the mA signal from 4 to 20 to 4 mA while recording the 0-100-0% position, or the pressures applied that move the valve from 0-100-0%
  • Stepping the mA signal on the input to the valve in steps and evaluating the valves response to the mA input changes
  • Speed tests to determine how fast the valve can open or close
  • Bump and partial stroke tests that help test valves over a portion of their range so they can be tested in a live process

ValveTrack Software Enables Further Analysis and Trending

Valve tests that are logged and recorded to memory in the 710 are available to upload to included ValveTrack analysis software. ValveTrack software enables you to:

  • Upload, print and plot logged valve tests taken in the field
  • Compare previous uploaded tests to recent tests
  • View valve test history by HART Tag ID
  • Export valve test data to CSV for additional analysis in Microsoft Excel

Saving Time, Getting Answers

In addition, the 710 offers:

  • The Fluke 710 can log HART data in the field. Once recorded, the ValveTrack software can upload the HART configuration of up to (20) HART devices in your plant and output data in either (.csv) or (.txt) format.
  • Data logged mA loop measurements and HART data can be recorded from a particular transmitter for troubleshooting and loop tuning. The data log feature offers selectable capture with recording intervals of 1 to 60 seconds and a logging capacity of 9800 records or 99 individual sessions. Each record contains the mA measurement and all four process variables.

Product Features:

  • Valve testing funtions: Valve signature test, speed test, step test, manual test, bump/partial stroke test
  • mA loop calibrator functions: mA source, mA simulate, mA read, mA read/loop power, and volts read
  • ValveTrack software: Upload to PC for further in-depth analysis of valve measurements that are logged and recorded to memory
  • Valve test procedures deliver Good, Marginal or Bad assessment of a control valve
  • Generic HART communication
  • mA accuracy at 0.01% measurement or source value
  • Compact rugged design
  • Intuitive user interface with Quick-Set knob for fast setup, easy to use
  • 24 V DC loop power with mA measure mode (-25% to 125%)
  • Resolution of 1 uA on mA ranges and 1 mV on voltages ranges
  • Built in selectable 250 Ohm resistor for HART communications
  • Simple two wire connection for all measurements
  • Auto shutdown to conserve battery life
  • Variable step and ramp time in seconds
  • Built-in HART Commands:
    • Read sensor PV information
    • Read PV output information
    • Read and write PV unit type, tag ID name, descriptor, and message
    • Read and write PV ranges (upper and lower)
    • Enter/exit fixed current mode
    • Set zero offset
    • Trim DAC zero (mA output 4 mA)
    • Trim DAC gain (mA output 20 mA)
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