Fluke Calibration 6531 Calibration Instruments
  • Fluke Calibration 6531 Calibration Instruments

Fluke Calibration 6531


Electronic Deadweight Tester Kit, 1.4 to 14 MPa (200 to 2000 psi)



The Fluke Calibration 653114M Electronic Deadweight Tester Kit, 1.4 to 14 MPa (200 to 2000 psi) is at home in metrology and calibration labs, on the production floor, or in the field. It can operate with a wide selection of test mediums, including Sebacate calibration fluid, mineral oil, water and other liquids. ± 0.02 % of reading total one-year measurement uncertainty rivals the best laboratory deadweight testers. High quality hardware allows for easy system fill and prime, pressure generation, and precise control. Premium performance is wrapped up into one, compact, lightweight, transportable package. An optional battery/charger pack supports up to eight hours of operation away from line power, and an optional shipping/carrying case with handles and wheels allows for easy transport during field application.

High Performance Calibration Made Simple

Fluke Calibration 6531-14M features E-DWT-H configurations, combined with the accessories needed for a complete calibration system. The 6531-14M options feature E-DWT-H configurations with a single quartz reference pressure transducer (Q-RPT) to offer percent of reading performance from 10% to 100% of device full scale. An included vacuum fill kit allows the E-DWT to be filled with your choice of compatible fluid, while eliminating problematic air pockets from the test circuit. Also included is a test station adapter to mount just about any pressure device to be tested without using PTFE tape or wrenches. This kit provides all that you need to perform high level hydraulic pressure calibration, right out of the box.

Product Features:

  • Pressure range: 1.4 to 14 MPa (200 to 2000 psi)
  • ± 0.02 % of reading total one-year accuracy, 0.025 % for two years
  • Low torque variable volume allows for pressure generation and control up to 14 MPa (2000 psi) with minimal physical effort
  • Built-in priming system to fill system with test fluid and purge unwanted air to ensure smooth operation
  • Unique test port design eliminates need for PTFE tape or wrenches
  • Adapters: 1/8 in., 1/4 in., 3/8 in. and 1/2 in. NPT; 1/8 in., 1/4 in., 3/8 in. and 1/2 in. BSP; M20 x 1.5 and M14 x 1.5
  • Compatible with wide range of liquids, including water
  • Vacuum fill kit fills E-DWT with any compatible test medium
  • AutoTest, AutoRange, ready/not ready indicator, onboard data capture and storage, overpressure alarm, RS-232 remote interface and other advanced features to simplify testing
  • Improve safety and prevent calibration errors and damage to equipment
  • Optional foot switch accessory allows hands-free data collection when running AutoTests
  • Rechargeable battery pack and transport case options for field operation
  • No weights to load and unload, transport or send out for calibration
  • Provides real-time pressure indication with no need to know and correct for local gravity or ambient temperature
  • No piston-cylinder changes
  • No significant sensitivity to level or vibration
  • Set and read any pressure value exactly, no minimum increment limited by smallest available masses
  • Perfect for applications that require setting nominal pressure precisely on the device under test and measuring it, such as analog gauge calibration
  • Operates in any unit of measure, switching easily from one unit to the next
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