Fluke Hart Scientific 6102-156 Calibration Instruments
  • Fluke Hart Scientific 6102-156 Calibration Instruments

Fluke Hart Scientific 6102-156


Micro-Bath, 35 °C to 200 °C (95 °F to 392 °F)



The Fluke Calibration 6102156 Micro-Bath, 35 °C to 200 °C (95 °F to 392 °F) gives you the stability and precision of a liquid bath in a dry-well-sized package. Do not be fooled by competitors who pour oil into a dry-well and call it a bath. Micro-Baths are maximized for true fluid-bath performance.

With a 48 mm (1.9-inch) diameter, 140 mm (5.5-inch) deep tank, a Micro-Bath can calibrate any type of sensor including short, square, or odd-shaped sensors. The problems of fit and immersion are virtually eliminated by using a fluid medium rather than a dry-block calibrator. Micro-Baths are perfect for liquid-in-glass and bimetal thermometers.

The Fluke Calibration 6102-156 has RS-232 ports, comes with Interface-it software, and can be used with MET/TEMP II software. Also included are contacts to calibrate a thermal switch, eight set-point memory storage, ramp-rate adjust, and over-temperature safety cutout.

Cold Micro-Baths are CFC-free, and also compressor-free. With the 6102-156 there is no heavy, noisy compressor to lug around. The 6102-156 achieves temperature range and stability with only one moving part. This means more durability and less weight.

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