GE Druck DPI842 Calibration Instruments
  • GE Druck DPI842 Calibration Instruments

GE Druck DPI842


Frequency Loop Calibrator with mA Measurement



The GE Druck DPI842 measures or sources Hz, kHz, CPM, CPH and pulses. It is the ideal instrument for process technicians and electronic engineers, providing a highly accurate calibration standard and versatile test tool. Dedicated features facilitate test and maintenance of electronic circuits and frequency instruments including frequency meters, batch counters, tachometers, motion pickups, integrators and flowmeters.

The DPI 842 features an automatic trigger that detects the best value regardless of waveform or amplitude. Frequency scaling reads in process units, e.g. flow or revolutions/minute. Programmable step and ramp outputs simplify calibration and diagnostics, while an adjustable "nudge" value provides an incremental output for setting switches, relays, trips, and alarms. In addition, an automatic switch test captures open/closed trip values, providing a fast and highly accurate "safety system" check. Its HART resistor can be switched into the loop when required by a HART digital communicator, avoiding the inconvenience of carrying a 250 ohm resistor. The DPI 842 is compatible with Intelligent Digital Output Sensor (IDOS) Universal Pressure Modules, allowing for total flexibility in pressure types and ranges.

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