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Keithley 2790


DMM/SourceMeter Airbag Test System with GPIB and RS-232 Interfaces



The Keithley 2790 SourceMeter Airbag Test System Mainframe is a high voltage, multichannel resistance measurement solution that speeds and simplifies electrical checks of airbag inflators and a variety of other automotive electrical test applications. It is the only commercial instrument that combines all of the sourcing, measurement, and signal routing capabilities required to measure insulation resistance and conductor continuity into one, compact, affordable package. Through the use of plug-in source/switch modules, the 2790 provides programmable high-voltage and low-current sourcing, plus multichannel switching support. This unique combination of capabilities establishes a new standard for price and performance in airbag inflator and other test applications.

Measure Extreme Resistances with Constant Current or Constant Voltage

The 2790 uses the forced constant-current method to measure resistances less than 1kW. In this technique, the instrument sources a constant current (I) to the resistance, then measures the resulting voltage (V). The amount of current sourced is programmable from 0–50mA. Resistance (R) is calculated (and displayed) using the known current and measured voltage (R = V/I). A 20mV dry circuit clamp is available at sourcing levels up to 1mA for preserving the oxide layers on connectors and other components.

For the 1MW to 1GW resistance ranges, the forced constant-voltage method is used to measure high resistance. This technique optimizes settling speed and reduces noise, allowing faster, high-quality insulation resistance measurements. In addition, by applying high voltages (50–500V), the 2790 stresses a dielectric, while simultaneously measuring its insulation resistance.

In addition to the resistance measurement functions available through the plug-in source/switch modules, the 2790's built-in DMM allows it to make a full range of high-precision resistance measurements, as well as AC/DC voltage and current, frequency, and temperature measurements.

Newly Enhanced Memory Pattern Test Sequencer

The memory pattern test sequencer allows the mainframe to store and execute pre-programmed test sequences for increased testing throughput. Test setups can be stored as unique memory locations and either recalled by number as needed or scanned in sequence to maximize the number of tests per unit time without command transfer delays due to communication or controller.

Broad Range of Measurement Capabilities

The 2790's built-in DMM can make a wide variety of general purpose measurements:

- DC voltage measurements from 0.1μV to 1000V

- AC voltage measurements from 0.1μV to 750V

- DC current measurements from 10nA to 3A

- AC current measurements from 1μA to 3A

- 2-wire resistance measurements from 100μW to 120MW

- 4-wire resistance measurements from 100μW to 120MW

- Frequency measurements from 3Hz to 500kHz

- Period measurements from 333ms to 2μs

- Temperature measurements from –200 deg. C to 630 deg. C (thermistors and 4-wire RTDs)

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