Keithley 3390 Calibration Instruments
  • Keithley 3390 Calibration Instruments
  • Keithley 3390 Calibration Instruments

Keithley 3390


Single-Channel Arbitrary Waveform/Function Generator, 50 MHz



The Keithley 3390 Arbitrary Waveform/Function Generator provides your applications with superior waveform generation functionality and flexibility at an unparalleled price.

From its fully featured Arbitrary Waveform Generator (ARB) to its high speed and ease-ofuse, the 3390 is a complete signal generation solution for all your waveform application needs up to 50 MHz.

Versatile Waveform Creation Capabilities

The 3390 generates highly stable and accurate waveforms that allow you to create almost any desired shape. It uses direct digital synthesis (DDS) techniques to achieve this level of performance and functionality.

The exceptional signal quality of the 3390 is a result of its high resolution, fast rise and fall times, and deep memory. This combined with its low price makes it the ideal solution for applications that use the 50 MHz bandwidth and below. Lower speed instruments cannot provide the signal accuracy of the 3390, even at bandwidths they were specifically designed for.

Arbitrary Waveform Generation (ARB)

With the 3390, you can precisely replicate real world signals. This 14-bit ARB provides the ability to define waveforms with up to 256,000 data points and generate them at a sampling rate of 125MSamples/second. For ease of use, up to four user-defined waveforms can be stored in the onboard non-volatile memory.

Function Generation

Standard output waveforms can be created by pressing one button on the front panel. Ten standard waveforms are provided, including the basic sine, square, ramp, and triangle shapes. The 3390 offers the highest repetition rates of any instrument in its class, allowing you to better emulate the signals you need to test.

Pulse Generation

Pulse capabilities have become critically important as devices being tested have become smaller, more sensitive, and more complex. To accurately duplicate the signals these tiny devices receive, very clean pulses with crisp edges are mandatory, which is why the 3390 offers the fastest rise time (5ns) and cleanest pulse shapes for this class of instrument.

Modulating Waveforms

The ability of the 3390 to modulate at high internal frequencies allows you to accurately simulate real-world conditions. Modulate any of your signals with the built-in AM, FM, PM, PWM, or FSK source, or use your own external modulation source.

Noise Generation

Inject noise into your device under test with the press of a button. The adjustable amplitude and offset parameters control how much or how little noise is produced. The fast rise times and high speed capability provides the precise noise simulation your applications require.

Pattern Generation

The 3390 is the only instrument in its class with a Digital Pattern mode. It provides the ability to transmit arbitrary 16-bit patterns via a multi-pin connector located on the rear panel of the instrument. This feature can be used for applications such as testing clock and data signals directly, sending simple protocols to devices under test, and simulating simple control functions. With Keithley’s KiWAVE software package, you can easily create complex and long patterns, which the 3390 can generate at varying speeds and amplitudes.

10 MHz External Reference Expands Flexibility

The built-in 10 MHz external time base is included at no extra cost. This external time base makes it simple to control multiple instruments from the same source, connect multiple 3390s together, and synchronize multiple signals of any shape.

Ease of Use

This instrument is easy to use. In most cases, pressing one button on the front panel or performing one or two mouse clicks on your PC is all that is necessary to generate or modify a waveform. The KiWAVE software package helps you define and manage waveforms, apply filters to waveforms, and display waveforms on a PC. In addition, the GPIB, USB, LAN, and LXI interfaces can connect the 3390 to most devices under test, instruments, and test fixtures.

LXI Class C Compliance

The 3390 supports the physical, programmable, LAN, and Web portions of the emerging LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation (LXI) standard. The instrument can be monitored and controlled from any location on the LAN network via its LXI Web page.

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