PIE 532 Calibration Instruments
  • PIE 532 Calibration Instruments

PIE 532


4-20 Milliamp and Voltage Loop Calibrator with Loop Diagnostics



The Practical Instrument Electronics (PIE) PIECAL 532 4-20 mA/Voltage Loop Calibrator with Loop Diagnostics is the best tool for calibration, test, and diagnosing process loops. The PIE 532 brings all the features you would expect from a loop calibrator and times new Romanizing new ones. Make adjustments with the EZ-Dial knob or test limits with the Dual Action EZ-Check switch. Powerful ramping functions are only a button away on the PIE 532. Save potentially hours of troubleshooting time on problem loops with the PIECAL 532's unique Loop Diagnostic Mode.

In PIECAL's 532 Loop Diagnostic Mode, the loop current, voltage, impedance, AC voltage, and mode of operation are all displayed simultaneously eliminating the need of a DMM connection. Loop diagnostics is available in every mode of operation and truly is a diagnostic monitor, as parameters are continuously updated in real time. The smart diagnostic tool even indicates the most likely cause of loop failure! Loop Diagnostic features the ability to measure ground fault error caused by faulty wiring, flooded conduit and corrosion bridges.

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