Greenlee 12849 Calibration Instruments
  • Greenlee 12849 Calibration Instruments

Greenlee 12849


Circuit Seeker Transmitter for CS-8000 Series


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The Greenlee 12849 (52023711) Circuit Seeker Transmitter is designed for use with the CS-8000 Series. It is intended for connection to an electrical line (up to 750 volts) or other metallic object. The transmitter signal consists of a controlled frequency with a specific modulation and timing that is different for live and open circuits; this composite signal gives it a specialized signature. It is microprocessor-controlled for maximum ease of use and accuracy.

The CS-8000 Transmitter signal generates a corresponding magnetic or electrostatic field signature around the conductor being traced. This field signature is present the entire length of the conductor, including breakers, fuses, switchgear, and transformers.

Please note that the corresponding CS-8000 receiver is sold separately.

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