Greenlee 12850 Calibration Instruments
  • Greenlee 12850 Calibration Instruments

Greenlee 12850


Circuit Seeker Receiver for CS-8000 Series



The Greenlee 12850 (52023718) Circuit Seeker Receiver is designed for use with the CS-8000 Series. The receiver incorporates patented, non-directional signal detection circuitry; as a result, it is not necessary to rotate the receiver when following the path of the traced object.

The CS-8000 Receiver features an information-rich full-color graphical LCD display. The visual graphics provide quick and easy feedback during the tracing process.

The CS-8000 receiver is designed to be held in the user's hand. The handle design of the receiver creates comfortable, easy grasp to reduce hand fatigue, while the over-molded grip results in further comfort for the operator.

Please note that the corresponding CS-8000 transmitter is sold separately.

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