Hioki MR6000 Calibration Instruments
  • Hioki MR6000 Calibration Instruments

Hioki MR6000


Memory HiCorder, Main Unit Only, 8 Input Slots



The Hioki MR6000 overcomes all barriers to reach new ground and meet challenges that are yet to be seen. World class specifications, operability and design - Hioki's MR6000 memory recorder has been re-engineered from top to bottom, delivering unprecedented performance that will change how you look at waveform recording.

Hioki MR6000 Memory HiCorder - Change the Way You Measure, Record and Analyze

The memory recorder MR6000 from HIOKI is capable of 200MS/s sampling, touchscreen operability, and advances functions to help you find the waveform you need quickly out of overwhelming amounts of data.

Test ECUs, inverters and motors

Combine the current unit 8971 (sold separately) and a current probe or current sensor (sold separately) designed and manufactured by Hioki to use the system within a wide temperature range or measure large currents with a high level of precision at solar power plants or development sites for EVs/HEVs.

The convenient, built-in sensor identification function lets you simply connect the sensor to easily configure the scaling settings through automatic recognition.

Combine the high speed analog unit U8976 (sold separately) and a Hioki current probe or clamp-on probe (sold separately) for high-precision wideband observation of current waveforms.

High-speed isolated measurement at 200 MS/s

Blazing fast, never-fail sampling. The high speed analog unit U8976 (sold separately) boasts the highest sampling rate in its entire series, an order of magnitude faster than conventional models, enabling the unit to perform isolated measurement at 200 MS/s.

Hioki MR6000 Memory HiCorder - Measure inverter and switching power supply signals with direct input

The memory recorder MR6000 is capable of 200MS/s sampling, touchscreen operability, and advances functions to help you find the waveform you need quickly out of overwhelming amounts of data. Measure inverter and switching power supply signals with direct high voltage input.

Completely isolated input

Connections between analog input channels, and between the input channel and the main unit, are fully isolated. This means that, unlike an oscilloscope, measurements can be made without concern with negative effects from potential differences.

Hioki Memory HiCorder MR6000: 32 Times Faster Data Transfer Speed Than Before

The Hioki MR6000 Memory HiCorder is engineered with a brand new interface that delivers a data transfer speed to external media that is as fast as 32 times the previous model. With this capability, the time it takes to save measured waveforms to external media is dramatically reduced, boosting test efficiency. In addition, while legacy recorders only allowed users to transfer 1 channel of data measured at 1MS/s, the MR6000 can transfer 32 channels of data all at the same time. (Data transfer speeds may differ depending on actual measurement conditions.)

Simultaneous measurement of multiple locations in across channels

Combine multiple modules of the 4ch analog unit U8975 (sold separately), which provides 4 channels of input with a speed of 5 MS/s at 16 bits, to perform multi-channel measurements up to 32 channels.

Long-term recording and high-speed sampling across multiple channels

1 hour of continuous recording across as many as 32 channels at 1 MS/s. (Real-time saving function and when using optional SSD unit U8332)

A rich unit lineup for detecting a wide range of phenomena

Combine multiple units to record a range of phenomena. Choose the high voltage unit U8974 (sold separately) with a direct input of 1000 V DC to measuring global power lines, including uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and commercial power supplies. Use multiple logic units to measure relay ON/OFF signals or PLC (programmable logic controller) signals across up to 128 channels simultaneously.

Radically improved data saving time

Avoid the need to wait to transfer very large amounts of data measured over a long period of time. The MR6000 features a brand new interface and faster internal processing, reducing the time required to save measurement data to media. This saves you the trouble of waiting for data to be saved and improves work efficiency.

Compatible with high-precision sensors for measuring large currents

The sensing technology that serves as the inlet for measurement data is essential for detecting various phenomena in multiple channels.

Saving data directly to your PC

Transfer measurement data directly to your PC by using the FTP sending function together with the real-time save function. This makes it easier to observe data after the measuring process.

Observe clear waveforms without noise : Digital filter calculation

This function removes harmonic noise or specific frequency noise from measurement data. Use it to eliminate the noise that cannot be resolved with the standard filter installed in the unit.

NOTE: The separately available CONVERSION CABLE CT9901 is required in order to use a high-precision current sensor equipped with a ME15W (12-pin) terminal (-05 type) with the CURRENT UNIT 8971.

While the CT955x is not required in order to use a sensor equipped with a PL23 (10-pin) terminal with the 8971, the CONVERSION CABLE 9318 (which comes with the 8971) is required for that setup.

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