Hioki MR8870-20 PRO Calibration Instruments
  • Hioki MR8870-20 PRO Calibration Instruments

Hioki MR8870-20 PRO


2-Channel Handheld Memory HiCorder, 2MW Memory, 1MS/s Professional Kit



The Hioki MR8870-20 PRO is a handheld data acquisition (DAQ) recorder built in with 2 analog channels and 2MW of memory, suitable for elevator maintenance, machine, motor and inverter fault analysis, testing and inspections. No unnecessary fuss before you can start working. You select which measurement mode to use (memory recorder or RMS value recorder) when you switch on the MR887020. Analyze the relationships of multi-point logic signals and analog waveforms to detect timing issues that can affect power supply circuit breakers. Use logic probes to record relay operations on up to four channels, or use the Differential Probe 9322 for 440 v power line measurements and for support of CAT III 600 V measurement categories. Inverter performance analysis requires simultaneous observation of the high frequency carrier signal and the low frequency fundamental waveform being switched. The combination of high-speed sampling capability and high-capacity memory make these observations possible. For current waveform observations, use Hioki clamp sensors capable of high-frequency measurements without direct electrical contact. Isolated analog channel inputs provide CAT II over-voltage protection safety for measurements of up to 300 V AC and DC (maximum terminal-to-ground rating). This capability enables safe simultaneous voltage measurements of inverter primary and secondary and stacked battery cells without damaging the instrument.

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