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Wire Mapper Pro Fault Mapper


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The Wire Mapper Pro Model AEMC CA7028 is a hand-held structured cable mapping and troubleshooting tester designed for use on UTP, STP, FTP and SSTP cabling equipped with RJ-45 connectors and wired to either TIA 568A/B (ISO 11801 and EN 50137), USOC or ISDN specifications. It detects open circuit pairs, shorts, crossed wires, crossed pairs, reversed pairs, split pairs and shield faults.

The Model AEMC CA7028 has the ability to measure and indicate the length of the cable under test, using a Vp (Velocity of Propagation) set by the user, from a built-in library or manually. It will measure and report the length of all four pairs of wires in the cable under test. It also generates an audible tone that is transmitted into all four pairs on the cable under test.

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