IDEAL Networks SignalTEK CT Calibration Instruments
  • IDEAL Networks SignalTEK CT Calibration Instruments
  • IDEAL Networks SignalTEK CT Calibration Instruments

IDEAL Networks SignalTEK CT


Data Cable Transmission Tester with Touchscreen


IDEAL Networks SignalTEK CT (R156006) Data Cable Transmission Tester with Touchscreen - if you install or maintain data cabling - allows you to generate PDF test reports that prove installed links run at Gigabit Ethernet transmission rates.

For installers, this means having a way to demonstrate that the cabling is installed correctly and supports any Ethernet application running at up to 1 Gb/s. By proving real world performance, SignalTEK CT (R156006) documents the quality of an installation - reducing the risk of call backs.

SignalTEK CT (R156006) also gives network owners the assurance that network cabling will support critical services like VoIP, IP CCTV, control systems, and video streaming anywhere Ethernet is deployed; from a small residential, retail or commercial LAN to industrial plants, enterprise and campus networks.

Today's Challenge

The foundation of all Ethernet networks is the physical cabling. Systems that were never thought of as "data networks" are quickly migrating from analog communication to digital data transmission, integrating Ethernet into nearly all low voltage systems. Network cabling installed into harsh environments may become more susceptible to disruption from external interference as well as faulty cabling or terminations. These physical layer problems can reduce throughput by causing dropped data frames, slowing the network as it retransmits lost data resulting in poor performance for users. To avoid performance issues, today's installers and technicians must not only verify correct wiring but also stress-test a link to confirm its ability to transmit at maximum rate.

Tomorrow's Solution

SignalTEK CT (R156006) proves a link's ability to provide error-free performance at full Gigabit speeds by performing a complete physical termination and data transmission test.

With a quick Autotest, SignalTEK CT (R156006) transmits a full 10 Gb of data bi-directionally across the link and reports any transmission errors against performance criteria defined by the IEEE 802.3ab Gigabit Ethernet Standard. Just 1 bit of corrupt or lost data among the 10 billion bits transmitted will fail the performance standard.

SignalTEK CT (R156006) performs a complete installation test with TDR fault detection to identify and locate any physical problem, such as an errant nail, screw, or unseen conduit burr. SignalTEK CT (R156006) will identify faults to the individual conductor rather than a pair, speeding the process of locating and correcting the problems.

SignalTEK CT (R156006) offers the same peace of mind provided by complex cable certifiers with test results backed up by an internationally recognized standard. But unlike those costly certifiers, it is so easy to use that even the most novice technician can test a complete cabling plant or troubleshoot a single link quickly and accurately.

Test Reporting

SignalTEK CT (R156006) automatically generates test reports in PDF or CSV format. The summary page of each report can be customized to include logo, company and operator details. Choose between 3 different reports that can show either passed, failed or all test reports in each report:

  • Summary
  • Brief
  • Full
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