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FLIR DM284-KIT Calibration Instruments
  • FLIR DM284-KIT Calibration Instruments



Professional Imaging Multimeter Kit includes: DM284 + TA04-KIT

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FLIR DM284 Multimeter with Battery Kit

FLIR DM284 is the True RMS Industrial Multimeter, Infrared Guided Measurement (IGM) Technology is a professional, all-in-one True RMS digital multimeter and thermal imager that can speed up troubleshooting by showing you exactly where an electrical problem is. Featuring Infrared Guided Measurement (IGM) technology powered by a built-in 160x120 thermal imager, the DM284 helps pinpoint hot spots faster and more efficiently by visually guide professionals to electrical problems, by clearly displaying temperature differences. IGM technology also enables you to scan panels, connectors, and wires without requiring any direct contact, so that you can do your job from a safe distance. Once you find an issue with IGM, the DM284 can then verify and confirm findings with its advanced contact measurement features, helping to solve the most complex of electrical issues. This all-in-one tool gives you a clear advantage, reducing the number of tools your need to carry; it is ideal for field electronicians, commercial electricians, light industrial jobs, field services, and HVAC professionals.

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