BK Precision 8524 Calibration Instruments
  • BK Precision 8524 Calibration Instruments

BK Precision 8524


5000W Programmable DC Electronic Load



BK Precision 8524 Programmable DC Electronic Load can be used for testing and evaluating a variety of DC power sources. Its wide operating range operating modes and excellent measurement accuracy makes the 8524 well-suited for characterizing DC Power supplies, DC-DC Converters, batteries, fuel cells and solar cells.

The loads can operate in CC, CV, CR or CP mode while voltage/current or resistance/power values are measured and displayed in real time. Load terminals are isolated and floating. Over temperature, over power, over voltage, over current and reverse polarity protection will help protect your valuable prototype and circuits.

The DC loads are easy to use. All parameters can be set quickly and precisely from the front panel, or programmed via RS232 or USB interfaces.

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