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Megger TRS1+


Transformer Ratio Standard with Step Down & Step Up Test Modes



The Megger TRS1+ Transformer Ratio Standard is a unit designed to be used with ratio meters as a high accuracy reference ratio standard. This unique standard is able to provide ratios in both step down (traditional ratio test instruments) and step up (Biddle Hand Crank TTR) test modes. The standard is designed for use as a laboratory calibration standard, or as a portable check standard for field ratio and phase verification of any ratio instrument. The TRS1+ can be used with any single phase and three phase ratio meter. Combining three TRS1+ units together (additional units sold separately), one is able to test a Wye-Wye configuration with three phase ratio meters. When testing three phase ratio meters with the TRS1+, one uses the instrument's single phase or three phase excitation for testing. This is meant as a time saving feature, or to validate TTRU3 phase ratio meter models.


The TRS1+ is primarily designed to be used in calibration facilities where accurate ratio transformation is required. In addition, the TRS1+ is designed for rugged and easy use as a field ratio test kit. The connections are meant to handle large test clips. When ratio results of complex transformers are not as expected, the TRS1+ provides the end user with field confirmation that the test instrument is working as intended and reporting ratio accurately.

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