BK Precision 4034 Calibration Instruments
  • BK Precision 4034 Calibration Instruments

BK Precision 4034


50 MHz Dual Channel Pulse Generator



The BK Precision 4034 is a high performance programmable dual channel pulse generator for testing digital systems and circuits based on TTL, CMOS, or ECL technologies. The BK 4034 generates clean and accurate pulses at up to 6 digits resolution with a repetition rate up to 50 MHz, variable pulse widths from 10 ns to 10 s, and pulse delays from 0 ns to 10 s. Output levels are adjustable from -10 V to +10 V, with pulse amplitudes settable from 0.1 Vpp to 10 Vpp into a 50 ohm load. All parameters, modes, and functions are programmable via the front panel or remote control commands. Additionally, the pulse generator provides selectable complementary pulse and double pulse generation in continuous, triggered, gated, and counted burst modes.

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