Extech MS420 Calibration Instruments
  • Extech MS420 Calibration Instruments

Extech MS420


20 MHz 2-Channel Digital Oscilloscope



The Extech MS420 20 MHz 2-Channel Digital Oscilloscope offers a range of capabilities for effective troubleshooting of electronics and electronically controlled electrical systems. With 20 MHz bandwidth and conveniences like auto-set which optimizes the position, range, time base, and triggering to assure a stable display of virtually any waveform, the MS420 can be used in field repairs or bench duty. To identify subtle problems, Peak Detect features a fast 50 ns glitch capture. Core functions like XY Mode, FFT function, Trigger Hold off, Waveform Math, Averaging Mode and Persistence Mode all ensure you can confidently troubleshoot problems using a variety of approaches. To start up recurring testing routines, you can store and recall up to 4 waveform screens and setups to save time from job to job. This CAT II-rated oscilloscope extends its functionality with complete DMM functions that are displayed on the large 3. 8" (97mm) color LCD display.

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