Instek MFG-2260MRA Calibration Instruments
  • Instek MFG-2260MRA Calibration Instruments
  • Instek MFG-2260MRA Calibration Instruments

Instek MFG-2260MRA


60 MHz Dual Channel Arbitrary Function Generator w/Pulse, Modulation, RF Gen, Amp



The Instek MFG-2260MRA is a dual-channel 60MHz ARB function generator with a pulse generator

The MFG-2260MRA has a Built-in pulse generator and its output frequency reaches 25 MHz. Users can set pulse width, duty cycle, rise edge time, and fall edge time to support trigger signal.

The AFG channel of the MFG2260MRA outputs sine, square, and triangle, etc. The MFG-2260MRA features true point-by-point output arbitrary waveform characteristics of 200 MSa/s sample rate, 100MHz waveform repetition rate, 14 bit resolution, and 16k point memory depth. Independent input/output power amplifier with 20W, 10dB, DC-100KHz bandwidth, and distortion less than 0.1% can be applied to the audio application.

The overall design of the MFG-2260MRA is earth ground isolation among output/input terminals and instrument chassis that can only be found in high-level signal sources. The output channels can sustain maximum isolation voltage up to ±42Vpk (DC+ AC peak value) to earth ground that is ideal for floating circuit tests. Multi-unit outputs can be executed without factoring in grounding reference issue. There is no additional isolation requirement for experiments such as "full-wave rectification" and "voltage doubler" which are easy and safe. An external power supply can bring up the DC bias voltage to ±42Vpk to meet the requirements of higher DC bias voltage such as automotive and educational applications.

The AFG of the MFG2260MRA collocating with AWES (Arbitrary Waveform Editing Software) allows users to easily and quickly edit arbitrary waveforms. DWR (Direct Waveform Reconstruction) allows users to collocate with GDS series digital oscilloscopes to retrieve waveforms and upload them to arbitrary generator to achieve direct waveform reconstruction. 66 built-in waveforms allow users to edit arbitrary waveforms and to output the whole segment or divided segments.

There are standard waveforms for the series such as sine, square, triangle, ramp, pulse, noise, DC voltage. In addition, 66 built-in waveforms allow users to easily select desired waveforms.

The MFG2260MRA includes a full function RF signal generator. Identical to CH1/CH2, it can output sine, square, ramp, pulse, noise, etc. Its sine wave frequency reaches 320MHz. And its true point by point output arbitrary waveform function supports 200 MHz sample rate, 100MHz waveform repetition rate, 14 bit resolution, 16k point memory depth, frequency sweep and various modulation methods such as AM/FM/PM/FSK/PWM/PSK/ASK. RF signal generator can be applied as a high frequency arbitrary waveform generator, simulated signals of analog or digital broadcast stations or carrier signals of local oscillator.

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