Tektronix TBS1154 Calibration Instruments
  • Tektronix TBS1154 Calibration Instruments

Tektronix TBS1154


150 MHz, 4-Ch, 1 GS/s Digital Storage Oscilloscope



The Tektronix TBS1154 150 MHz Bandwidth, 1 GS/s Sample Rate, 4-Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope provides you with affordable performance in a compact design. Packed with standard features – including USB connectivity, 16 automated measurements, limit testing, data-logging, and context-sensitive help; the Tektronix TBS 1154 150 MHz Bandwidth, 4-Channel Digital Storage Oscilloscope help you get more done, in less time.

Digital precision for accurate measurements

With up to 150 MHz bandwidth and 1GS/s maximum sample rate, no other digital storage oscilloscope offers as much bandwidth and sample rate for the price. Tektronix proprietary sampling technology provides real-time sampling with the stated sampling rate on all channels, all the time to accurately capture your signals. Sampling performance is not reduced when using multiple channels.

The Tektronix TBS:1154 Digital Oscilloscope is especially well suited to meet the needs of today's schools and universities. Packed with features and built-in tools, the Tektronix TBS-1154 is easy to learn and simple to operate – ideal for first - time oscilloscope users and students. Featuring the same user interface as the Tektronix TDS Oscilloscope Family, your students will learn to operate the world's most popular oscilloscope platform, with over 500,000 oscilloscopes in operation worldwide.

To simplify integration with your existing curriculum, the Tektronix TBS/1154 also includes an Education Resource CD filled with tools to help your students master the use of an oscilloscope. The Tektronix TBS 1154 offers the tools and performance you need at a price you can afford.

Critical Tools for Troubleshooting & User Friendly Design

Advanced triggers–rising/falling edge, pulse width, and video – help you quickly isolate your signals of interest. Once you’ve captured a signal, advanced math capabilities and automated measurements can speed your analysis. Quickly perform an FFT or add, subtract, or multiply waveforms. Sixteen automated measurements quickly and reliably calculate important signal characteristics such as frequency or rise time, while the built-in Limit Test function enables you to easily identify problems in your signal.

The Tektronix TBS 1154 Series oscilloscopes are designed with the ease of use and familiar operation you have come to expect from Tektronix. The intuitive user interface with dedicated per-channel vertical controls, auto-setup, and auto-ranging makes these instruments easy to use, reducing learning time and increasing efficiency.

The built-in Help menu provides you with important information on your oscilloscope’s features and functions. Help is provided in the same languages as the user interface.

Limit Test

The Tektronix TBS-1154 150 MHz Bandwidth, 4 Channel Digital Signal oscilloscope can automatically monitor source signals and output Pass or Fail results by judging whether the input waveform is within predefined boundaries. Specifications can be triggered on violation including stopping waveform acquisition, stopping Limit Test functions, saving the failed waveform data or screen image to a USB memory device, or any combination of the above. This is an ideal solution for manufacturing or service applications where you need to make decisions quickly.

Flexible Data Transfer

The USB host port on the front panel enables you to save your instrument settings, screenshots, and waveform data in a flash. The built-in Data Logging feature means you can setup your oscilloscope to save user-specified triggered waveforms to a USB memory device for up to 24 hours. You can also select the "Infinite" option for continuous waveform monitoring. With this mode you can save your triggered waveforms to an external USB memory device without a duration limitation until the memory device is full. The Tektronix TBS 1154 4-Channel oscilloscope will then guide you to insert another USB memory device to continue saving waveforms.

Easy PC Connectivity

Easily capture, save, and analyze measurements results by connecting to your PC with the rear-panel USB device port and the included copy of Open Choice PC Communications Software. Simply pull screen images and waveform data into the stand-alone desktop application or directly into Microsoft Word and Excel. Alternatively, if you prefer not to use your PC, you can simply print your image directly to any PictBridge-compatible printer.

Education Resources

Every Tektronix TBS/1154 Digital Storage Oscilloscope includes an Education Resource CD filled with tools to help your students master the use of an oscilloscope. The Education Resource CD includes two Student Labs and Instructor's Guides, and two Primers. The Introduction to Oscilloscopes Student Lab and Instructor's Guide explains the basics of oscilloscope operation complete with hands-on exercises for your students. The Introduction to Oscilloscope Probes Student Lab and Instructor’s Guide explains the fundamentals of probing and how probes can affect measurement quality. The two Primers included are the most popular and widely-used from Tektronix – the XYZs of Oscilloscopes and ABCs of Probes.

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