LaMotte 3240 Calibration Instruments
  • LaMotte 3240 Calibration Instruments

LaMotte 3240


DC1500 DBD Tablet Chlorine Colorimeter


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The Lamotte 3240 DC1500 Chlorine Colorimeter Kit, ideal for both field and lab use, covers the entire critical chlorine range of 0-4 ppm with an MDL of 0.03 ppm. The Colorimeter is also EPA Compliant, using proper wavelength and DPD test method to meet EPA design specifications for NPDWR and NPDES chlorine monitoring programs (EPA 330.5 and Standard Method 4500). The 3240 DC1500 Chlorine Colorimeter Kit includes tablets for 100 tests, six sample vials, and a sturdy carrying case. A complete, economical package!

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