Testo 440 dP Calibration Instruments
  • Testo 440 dP Calibration Instruments
  • Testo 440 dP Calibration Instruments
  • Testo 440 dP Calibration Instruments
  • Testo 440 dP Calibration Instruments
  • Testo 440 dP Calibration Instruments
  • Testo 440 dP Calibration Instruments

Testo 440 dP


Air Velocity and IAQ Measuring Instrument with Integrated Differential Pressure Sensor


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The Testo 440 dP (0560 4402) Air Velocity and IAQ Measuring Instrument comes with an integrated differential pressure sensor. This enables filter and fan measurements, as well as pitot tube and K factor measurements (pitot tube sold separately).

Differential pressure measurement on filters with testo 440 dP

The 440 dP combines all the benefits of a compact handheld device with intuitive measurement menus and a comprehensive selection of air velocity and IAQ probes. This means you have all measuring tasks on air conditioning and ventilation systems reliably under control.Use the testo 440 dP air velocity and IAQ measuring instrument in combination with high quality probes to measure and store all air velocity and IAQ parameters. Up to 3 probes can be connected simultaneously - a Bluetooth probe, a wired probe, and a temperature probe with a type K thermocouple connector (all probes sold separately). Automatic probe detection and clearly structured measurement menus guarantee simple operation and will make your day-to-day work easier.

The clearly structured menus for measuring volume flow in ducts and at outlets, cooling/heating load, K-factor, turbulence, mold indication and even a data logging mode are stored on the instrument for additional convenience. These menus enable you to accomplish your measuring tasks more quickly, more efficiently and more reliably than ever before. Reports can also be exported as excel files via the USB interface or printed out directly on site.

Fast and Easy Measurements

Carry out your measurements quickly and easily. This multifunction instrument automatically detects each connected probe, which means you won't need to manually reset measurement parameters when changing probes. Clearly structured measurement menus for measuring the volume flow in ducts and at outlets, funnel measurement, determining volume flow via differential pressure and K factor, measuring the degree of turbulence, determining heating/cooling output, mold detection, and long-term measurement provide you with the optimal support for quick and efficient work.

More Applications, Less Equipment

The universal probe handle (sold separately) can be connected to all probe heads, so you can measure everything you need, while saving money and space. The probe handle's Bluetooth capability makes it more convenient to carry out your measurements, and guarantees less cable clutter in your case. It makes it possible to carry out measurements without any bothersome cable connections, and it transfers readings up to a distance of 65 feet. If using a wireless connection is not possible, use the cable probe handle (sold separately) as a practical alternative.

The universal handle can be connected to any 440 probe head or adapter in just a few seconds.

Practical Data Management

The testo 440 dP stores up to 7,500 measurement protocols, which can be read via USB port and further processed as a CSV file on your computer (e.g. with Excel). With the testo Bluetooth / IrDA printer (sold separately), you have the ability to produce a printed report of measurement data directly on site.

Intelligent Calibration Concept for Maximum Precision

You can rely on the accuracy of your measurement results with testo digital probes, because the testo 440 dP makes measurement uncertainty a thing of the past. You only need to send the probes in for calibration, meaning the multifunction instrument can remain in continuous use with a variety of interchangeable probes.

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