Testo 480 Calibration Instruments
  • Testo 480 Calibration Instruments
  • Testo 480 Calibration Instruments
  • Testo 480 Calibration Instruments

Testo 480


Multi-Function HVAC Meter with PC Software



With the Testo 480 (0563 4800) Multi-Function HVAC Meter, users can record, analyze and document all VAC-relevant parameters with only one instrument. The multi-function VAC measuring instrument stands out thanks to its accuracy and practice-oriented handling. The meter supports assessors, consultants, technical service providers or service technicians in the ventilation and air conditioning field. Measurement tasks such as the standardized adjustment of VAC systems in office, residential and industrial buildings can be carried out quickly and efficiently.

In addition to this, users can test the relevant quality parameters for production and processing systems reliably and precisely - thanks to the 480's comprehensive probe range specially tailored to industrial requirements. The 480 Multi-Function HVAC Meter is equipped to be compatible with intelligent, digital probes which are calibrated independently of the hand-held instrument.

State of the Art Technology for VAC Technicians and Experts

The Testo 480 Multi-Function HVAC Meter was designed to make your work more efficient, and your life easier. This high quality, easy to use digital temperature and humidity meter can be used to measure all relevant ventilation and AC parameters, and to carry out long-term measurements. The mammoth memory can save up to 60 million readings, and a set of integrated programs guide you through the following measurements step by step: VAC measurements in compliance with EN 12599; degree of turbulence measurements in compliance with EN 12599; PMV / PPD measurement in compliance with ISO 7730; WBGT measurement in compliance with ISO 7243.

"Easy Climate" PC Software

The included "Easy Climate" software allows your readings to be transferred to a PC via a USB cable, where they can be presented, analyzed, or logged. A protocol designer enables you to create protocols to suit your customers' needs, and the optional testo turbo printer provides you with printouts on site.

Digital Sensors and Intelligent Calibration Concept

The optional testo digital sensors provide you with highly accurate results, as there is no measurement inaccuracy from the meter. In addition, any deviations which are determined during calibration can be saved to the digital sensor. These deviations are compensated automatically, giving you a zero error value. The intelligent sensors alert the user when the next calibration - which can be carried out by hand - is due.

The Testo 480 Multi-Function HVAC Meter has a built-in, high precision pressure difference sensor (measuring range from -1.45 to +1.45 psi) and connection possibilities for three more optional digital and two temperature (type K thermocouple) sensors.

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