UEi C165 Calibration Instruments
  • UEi C165 Calibration Instruments
  • UEi C165 Calibration Instruments

UEi C165


Residential/Commercial Combustion Analyzer with 6-Line Display, EOS, CO, CO2 and NO Oxygen Sensor



Award-Winning EOS Sensor Technology

HVAC professionals have benefitted from UEi's EOS technology for over 10 years.

NO Oxygen Sensor to Replace

This lowers cost-of-ownership with one less sensor to maintain. Over the lifespan of an analyzer this saves hundreds of dollars.

The UEi C165 has a dilution pump which helps to protect the CO sensor from high concentration that otherwise might damage the sensor and is designed specifically for higher altitude applications and use. The C165 Combustion Analyzer measures carbon dioxide (CO2), carbon monoxide (CO), differential temperature and differential pressure. The direct measurement of CO2 is achieved using an infrared sensing system. Below 1% CO2 the readings of CO2 are displayed to two decimal places. CO2 is set to zero in fresh air automatically after the initial countdown. The countdown varies between 90 and 60 seconds dependent on ambient temperature.

If "RESET GAS ZERO" is indicated ensure that the unit is in outside fresh air before pressing the button with an "Enter" symbol. It is important that re-zeroing is done in outside fresh air as indoor CO2 levels are affected by human breath. It calculates oxygen (O2), CO/CO2 ratio, losses, combustion efficiency (Gross, Gross Condensing, Net or Net Condensing).

The C165 Combustion Analyzer can also measure CO levels in ambient air - useful when a CO Alarm is triggered. It can also perform a Room CO Test for up to 30 minutes duration. A structured Commissioning Test has been included for the installation of boilers. The analyzer has a protective rubber cover with a magnet for "hands-free" operation and is supplied with a flue probe with integral temperature sensor. A low flow detection system warns of low flow and switches the pump off. This also helps to prevent water ingress from overfilled water traps. Its LCD display is protected with a toughened screen. The large display shows 6 readings at a time and all data can be printed via an optional infrared printer. The printed data can be 'live' data or 'stored' data.

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