UEi K9206 Calibration Instruments
  • UEi K9206 Calibration Instruments

UEi K9206


Industrial Combustion Analyzer (O2/CO) with wireless Handset



Product Features:

  • Measures: O2, CO, Inlet temperature, Flue temperature, Differential pressure / draft
  • Calculates: Efficiency, Carbon dioxide (CO2), Net temperature differential, Losses, Excess air, CO/CO2 ratio, Poison index
  • Industrial emissions grade analyzer
  • Customizable sensor configurations with up to 5 sensors
  • Optional heated sample line
  • Optional sample conditioner
  • Wireless handset to base or PC
  • On board plain paper printer
  • Heated sensor manifold to prevent condensation
  • Automatic fresh air purge
  • Rugged case
  • 1-Year limited warranty
Product Details
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