Wohler A 550 L Calibration Instruments
  • Wohler A 550 L Calibration Instruments

Wohler A 550 L


Flue Gas Analyzer, O2 & CO 35,000 ppm, with Gas Probe and Cable Hose



The Wohler A 550 L (8133) Flue Gas Analyzer, O2 & CO 35,000 ppm, is as robust as cast iron, and as easy to operate as a smart-phone. Perform analysis and inspections on residential and commercial appliances with the tap of a finger. The large 7" touchscreen is brightly lit and can be read anywhere. Furthermore, the generously dimensioned screen and the clearly arranged, in part graphic presentation of readings, are an absolutely ideal basis for holding discussions with customers.

Acquiring measurement values is as easy as could be. The analyzer is equipped with magnets for attaching to the casing of a heater or boiler - leaving hands free to work. The probe is fitted with an additional start/stop button, with which it is possible to start and stop measurement readings. The flue gas analyzer can be fitted with up to three sensors and even has a wood moisture measurement function.

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