AEMC 6471 Calibration Instruments
  • AEMC 6471 Calibration Instruments

AEMC 6471


2-Point, 3-Point and 4-Point Digital Ground Resistance Tester with Probes, Optional 2-Clamp Measurement



The AEMC Digital Ground Resistance Tester Model 6471 (2135.49) is a portable measurement instrument designed to measure Ground Resistance with 2 clamps (sold separately), no auxiliary rods, Bond/Connection Resistance (2-Pole and 4-Pole Kelvin sensing), Ground Resistance (3-Pole or 4-Pole), Ground Coupling Resistance, and Selective Ground Resistance, Soil Resistivity (Wenner or Schlumberger method). The 6471 measures from 0.01 to 99.99kΩ and is auto-ranging, automatically seeking out the optimum measurement range, test frequency and test current.

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