AEMC 6555 Calibration Instruments
  • AEMC 6555 Calibration Instruments

AEMC 6555


15,000V Digital Megohmmeter



The AEMC 6555 15,000V Digital Megohmmeter is a high-end portable measuring instrument intended for the measurement of a wide varity of electrical insulation resistance values on cables and devices operating at high voltage. It is the only fully automated 15,000V graphical insulation tester. The AEMC 6555 is packaged in a rugged case that is IP54 when closed. Test results and configuration information is provided on a graphical LCD screen as well as exportable through the use of DataView® software provided. The AEMC 6555 megohmmeter can operate on battery or AC power while testing. The AEMC 6550 also offers the ability to program up to three step voltage profiles (from 40 to 15,000), each containing up to ten steps. There are also ramp profiles and three programmable test voltages in addition to the standard fixed voltages of 500, 1000, 2500, 5000 and 10,000, 15,000V.

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