Hioki SM-8220 Calibration Instruments
  • Hioki SM-8220 Calibration Instruments

Hioki SM-8220


Super Megohmmeter, 10V-1000V DC



The Hioki SM-8220 is a top-of-the-line super megohmmeter that can measure up to 2 × 1016 Omh (at 1,000 V). The combined digital and analog display is the latest evolutionary step combining our line of super megohmmeters with the newest technology. This powerful super megohmmeter handles a variety of insulation measurements, from those requiring low to high measurement voltages and measuring from low to ultra-high resistance. Convenient standard features include timer, comparator, remote start and Interlock(HV-EN) functions. These enable safer and more reliable measurement of volume and surface resistivity using flat sample text fixtures (such as the SME-8310).

Standard Timer Function

The need for counting complicated measurement time (by stopwatch) is eliminated. Timer settings are retained in internal memory even when power is turned off.

Comparator Function

Easy-to-use GO/NO-GO (Pass/Fail) decisions NO-GO (Fail) decisions can be indicated by an alarm sound simultaneously with contact output. Comparator settings are retained even when power is turned off.

Measurement is disabled unless the measurement leads are connected

A shock hazard can occur if a measurement probe is inadvertently disconnected or pulled out while high voltage is being output during measurement.

This danger can be even greater if the black measurement probe is disconnected. To ensure safety even when the black probe is disconnected, a measurement lead detection system is incorporated at the probe receptacles.

Computer friendly Features

RS-232C included as a standard feature. A computer can be connected via RS-232C serial interface.

Remote Start Function

Measurement can be started hands-free, using a footswitch or trigger signal.

Compact and lightweight

16% lighter and 22% more compact than previous models. The small attached stand makes operation even easier: panel buttons are easy to press and the display is easy to see.

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