Hioki SM7810 Calibration Instruments
  • Hioki SM7810 Calibration Instruments

Hioki SM7810


8-Ch. Digital Super MΩ HiTester, Tests MLCC Leakage Current, 110V AC Power Supply



The Hioki SM7810 is a super megohmmeter for testing leakage current in the Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor (MLCC) manufacturing process. The device can make high-speed measurements in as fast as 6.8 ms over 8 channels simultaneously. The Power Source Unit SM7860 is a specially designed power source unit that supports multi-channel systems and provides functions required for the MLCC test line. An 8-channel or 16-channel dual-line voltage setting function enables up to 32-channel output. A test system combining the SM7810 and SM7860 is ideal for integration into automated equipment and can be used to build the fastest MLCC leakage current test line. The SM7810 comes with a 110 V AC power supply.

Features of the Super MΩ HiTESTER SM7810

6.8 ms measurement time (from the acceptance of the trigger to INDEX output)

Measurement finishes in just 6.8 ms, including the contact check and decision (when the measurement speed is FAST). The measurement time was reduced by 30% compared to HIOKI's conventional model, which helps to reduce the machine tact time.

Make individual settings for each channel

The range, measurement voltage, and comparator can be set for each channel. Simultaneous measurement can be performed in a combination of 8-channel x 1-stage, 4-channel x 2-stage, or 2-channel x 4-stage according to the system configuration, which provides flexibility to adapt to the configuration of the automated equipment.

Improve reliability using contact check

Perform contact check despite the high-speed measurement. Elimination of judgment errors resulting from contact failure of the probe improves testing reliability.

Features of MLCC Leakage Current Test System Combining the SM7810 and SM7860 (not included)

The Super MΩ HiTESTER SM7810 can be used to build an MLCC leakage current test line capable of performing 8-channel simultaneous measurement at the industry's fastest speed of up to 6.8 ms, which helps to reduce the tact time of automated equipment and thus MLCC manufacturing costs.

Combined use of the Super MΩ HiTESTER SM7810 and the Power Source Unit SM7860 enables building a test system ideal for integration into automated equipment. The power source unit can be selected depending on the maximum applied voltage and functionality to suit various types of test line, including the charge-and-discharge test line.

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