Yokogawa MY600 Calibration Instruments
  • Yokogawa MY600 Calibration Instruments

Yokogawa MY600


Digital Insulation Tester, 50 to 1000 V, 100 to 4000 MΩ



The Yokogawa MY600 DDigital Insulation Tester, 50 to 1000 V, 100 to 4000 MΩ has enhanced operation compared to the conventional model, by using a shortened measurement time and color indicating judging function. This is a new concept in insulation testing and includes enhanced communication to a PC or tablet.

Two colors for judging measurement results

Set a desired reference value with the comparator function, and it will judge PASS (Green) or FAIL (Red) of a measurement result.

Approximately 0.5 s high-speed measurement*

The measurement time of insulation resistance is approx. 0.5 s, which contributes to reducing the operation time.

*Under the conditions specified by Yokogawa, it may take time to measure due to the influence of capacitive component of a measuring target.

USB Version 1.1 Compliant

PC communication is possible with the dedicated USB communication adaptor (91030). Users can save as many as 1000 measurements to the internal memory from which data required for report generation, such as measurement data/time, measured value and range can be transmitted to a PC via communication.

Insulation deterioration diagnosis (PI and DAR measurement*)

The increase and decrease of resistance value can be measured by continuously measuring the insulation resistance for a prescribed time. The insulation deterioration of the unit under test can be diagnosed by this increase/ decrease. This parameter is useful for preventive maintenance of industrial automation equipment such as Magnetic Flow Meters or electrical equipment.

*PI: Polarization Index (Resistance after 10 minutes and Resistance after 1 minute)

*DAR: Dielectric Absorption Rate (Resistance after 1 minute and Resistance after 15 seconds)

Auto lighting backlight and LED light

MY600 has a backlight that automatically lights up in a dark place, as well as an LED light to illuminate objects.

Line probe with switch (included)

Users can turn measurement on/ off with the hand switch on the line probe, allowing them to work more efficiently.

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