Phase II UTG-1500 Calibration Instruments
  • Phase II UTG-1500 Calibration Instruments

Phase II UTG-1500


Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge


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The Phase II UTG1500 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge is specifically designed for measuring the thickness of metallic and non-metallic materials such as aluminum, titanium, plastics, ceramics, glass and any other good, ultrasonic wave-conductor, as long as it has parallel top and bottom surfaces. With uses in many areas of industry, the Phase II UTG-1500 can perform precise thickness measurements on various types of raw materials, component parts and assembled machinery. The UTG1500 can also be used to monitor all types of pipes and pressure vessels for loss of thickness due to corrosion or erosion.

The Phase II UTG-1500 is extremely easy to use. After a simple calibration to a known thickness or sound velocity, it will give accurate readings in inches or millimeters.

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