Hioki FT3406 Calibration Instruments
  • Hioki FT3406 Calibration Instruments

Hioki FT3406


Wide Range Industrial-Grade Digital Tacho HiTester with Analog & Pulse Output


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The Hioki FT3406 is a portable, contactless digital tachometer that uses reflected visible spectrum light to measure the speed of a rotating object to which reflective tape has been affixed. The instrument can also be used as a contact-type tachometer by attaching the Z5003 Contact Adapter.

The FT3406 can detect rotation from a distance of 500 mm while illuminating the measurement location with red light to help you aim it precisely. The HOLD key turns red following accurate measurement and the instrument beeps, so there's no need to worry about whether the target object has been measured properly.

The FT3406 is built to withstand being dropped, so it won't break easily, even if it slips and falls out of your hands.

IP50 dust-proof structure makes the Tacho HiTester tough against the dirt and dust that are unavoidable in field environments.

Measure signal variations with a waveform recorder or data logger by using the FT3406's analog output or pulse output functions.

Use a multi-channel logger in combination with input from other types of sensors, or a multi-channel recorder to simultaneously measure voltage and current.

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