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Testo 470


Optical and Mechanical RPM Tachometer


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The Testo 470 (0563 0470) Optical and Mechanical RPM Tachometer, which can be operated with one hand, offers an optimum combination of optical and mechanical rpm measurement. The testo 470 stores mean, min. and max. values as well as the last measurement value. The SoftCase included in delivery protects the instrument from impact, ensuring an especially long working life.

In the case of optical rpm measurement, you can use the testo 470 tachometer to record how fast a rotating object rotates. For example, you can check whether motors, shafts, and fans are functioning correctly, in order to spot any impending defects due to overload at an early stage.

For rpm measurement, simply place a reflective marker on the measurement object, and aim the visible red beam at the reflective marker. The measurement can then start (at a distance of up to 600 mm between the tachometer and measurement object).

The testo 470 tachometer not only provides the functions of an optical tachometer, it also functions as a mechanical tachometer. Attach the adapter for the probe tip and measure the rpm mechanically. Attach the wheel to also measure speeds and lengths of rotors or conveyor belts.

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