Amprobe DM-5 Calibration Instruments
  • Amprobe DM-5 Calibration Instruments
  • Amprobe DM-5 Calibration Instruments

Amprobe DM-5


High Performance Power Quality Tester, 3000 A



Amprobe DM5 - Most Compact High Performance Power Quality Analyzer in its Class

Poor power quality is costly – not only can it drive up energy bills with excessive power usage, but equipment failure or damage caused by poor power quality is expensive and time-consuming to diagnose and repair. Productivity also suffers with faulty equipment or unscheduled outages. The Amprobe DM-5 Power Quality Analyzer can be used to easily and quickly discover the source and magnitude of power quality issues.

At half the size of previous models, the compact DM5 brings speed and efficiency to power quality jobs ranging from routine maintenance to in-plant troubleshooting of individual machinery and power distribution panels. Built for use in even the largest facilities, the DM-5 is safety tested to meet the world’s most prestigious safety standards and is rated to CAT IV 300 V, CAT III 600 V, CAT II 1000 V.

Performance for Recording and Analysis

  • Simultaneously power, harmonics, waveform, and power quality
  • Swells, dips, interruptions, transients, inrush current, and flicker
  • Voltage, current, active/reactive/apparent power, PF and frequency
  • Trend and demand graphs for energy consumption
  • 10 wiring connection settings for 1- and 3- phase power
  • Record 1000 parameters at user defined intervals

Quick Setup with On-Screen Guide

  • Quick start mode, wiring check, and sensor auto detection
  • Wireless control and real-time display on Android with Bluetooth
  • Large 3 1/2" full-color screen

Full Analysis with Included Software

  • Quickly analyze your recorded data to identify potential issues with report generation and data visualization.

Complete Kit Right Out of the Box

  • Standard kit includes accessories, analysis software, and case
  • Standard flex current sensor features user selectable input ranges of 30 A, 300 A, or 3000 A
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