Hioki 3193-10 Calibration Instruments
  • Hioki 3193-10 Calibration Instruments

Hioki 3193-10


6-Channel Benchtop Power Analyzer, 3-Phase 4-Wire with Direct and Clamp Sensor Input



The Hioki 3193-10 is a 6-channel power meter for testing any type of circuit ranging from single-phase lines to three-phase four-wire lines. Based on the voltage, current, and active power measurements, the power meter calculates and displays reactive power, apparent power, power factor, phase angle, and efficiency.

Note: Main unit 3193-10 cannot operate alone - please purchase an input unit Model 9600 to 9605 for factory installation prior to shipment.

Wide range of measurement functions

Capable of measuring voltage, current, active /reactive /apparent power, power factor, phase, frequency, and current, and of integrating power according to polarity, the 3193-10 also provides wave peak and efficiency measurements that are essential to device assessment.

A Variety of Interfaces for Differing Needs

Connecting to a PC: The RS-232C and GP-IB interface, provided as standard features, make it possible to connect the power meter directly to a PC, allowing efficient measurement, management and analysis of data.

Connecting to a Recorder: With 8 selectable D/A outputs and voltage, current and power analog/monitor output (current and voltage only) as standard features, the HiTESTER allows recording of changes and transient fluctuations in waveforms using a recording unit.

Connecting to a Printer: Data can be output to the optional PRINTER UNIT 9604.

Integration According to Polarity

Positive, negative, and total current and power can be integrated simultaneously for all channels. This makes it possible to grasp the income and outflow of power at a glance.

Peak Measurements Function

Voltage and current wave peaks can be measured. The Peak Hold function can be used to find peak values and effective maximums for motor rush current waves.

Analog and D/A Output

Analog (voltage, current, and effective power) and D/A outputs (any selected eight items) are output as a 5V range full scale value. (Except for the 1000V range), 100ms response time can be obtained by using the FAST setting.

Wave Monitor Output

With the voltage and current ranges, waveforms are output as 1V full scale values, allowing waveforms to be monitored using devices such as recorders or synchroscopes.

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