Hioki 3664 Calibration Instruments
  • Hioki 3664 Calibration Instruments

Hioki 3664


Optical Power Meter for Testing Optical Power Integrity of Laser and LED Equipment


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The Hioki 3664 is an optical power meter for measuring the optical power of a spatial light. It is ideal for testing the optical power of a laser light source and an LED light source of audio and video equipment such as Blue-Ray and DVD recorders, drives, and copiers. The optional optical sensors for the power meter are interchangeable and their sensitivity can be adjusted independently.

Choose from different optical sensors according to wavelength and sensor structure to aptly meet your application requirements.

General-purpose Sensors 9742/9742-10 for an Extensive Range of Uses

Test DVD and CD drives, Copiers, Printers and much, much more. Wide 320 to 1100 nm wavelength.

Handheld Sensor 9742

Ideal for R&D and maintenance work when functionality is a priority.

Detachable Sensor 9742-10

Enhance production efficiency by integrating the sensor into the inspection line

Wavelength setting resolution up to 1 nm

Up to 10 wavelength memory presets can be configured, including the defaults for each optical sensor. The default wavelengths for each optional sensor are already stored in memory. Add up to 6 more custom wavelengths and call them up simply by pressing the l key.

2 Power settings

Compatible to both DC power and AC power. Choose a power method to suit your application.

Upload data through the USB interface

Program your PC to download captured data, configure and even control the 3664 through the USB interface. (USB driver software included)

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