Hioki PW9100-03 Calibration Instruments
  • Hioki PW9100-03 Calibration Instruments

Hioki PW9100-03


3 Channel AC/DC Direct Current Box



The Hioki PW9100-03 is a direct AC/DC current measurement option for the PW6001 and 3390 series Power Analyzers that delivers wide bandwidth and high accuracy testing across 3 channels of input. The option is ideal for applications requiring direct input connections when testing the power conversion efficiency of motors, primary and secondary side of inverters, hybrid and electric vehicles, and renewable energy equipment.

High consistancy and noise resistance for definitive testing of inverters

Wiring connection example 1 – Existing direct-input connection method - For more reliable wideband high-accuracy measurements. The existing direct-input type power meter can be replaced easily. Use two PW9100-03 devices (3ch models) for 6-channel measurements.

Wiring connection example 2 – Introducing a new and innovative measuring - Shorten the wiring for current measurement by installing the PW9100 close to the measurement target. This will also keep the effects of wiring resistance, capacity coupling and other objective factors on the measured values to a minimum.

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